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Nov 9, 2017

EJ Moore, 36 yrs old
Born and raised Los Angeles, Ca
Has Traveled around the world, lived in Nevada and Las Vegas, he's photographer and now father to a beautiful, amazing son named Pharaoh. As a child, his father was not present in his life, he remembers being young knowing how much it affected him because he was not present in his life . His confidence was low due to his  father never being around. It took him many years, all the way up to adulthood for him to find the confidence and love within myself. But after experiencing this as a child, he promised himself that when the day came to being a father his child will never question being loved or or his self love.  He would be the best father in the universe and be present and show up with unconditional love. 

He think this is an awesome podcast because for the first time you get to hear a mans point of view about being a man. Whether it's a father, or single, just being a man in general. He believe people will listen and have a better understanding of what men really have to go thru and deal with and why a lot of men are the way they are.