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Dec 8, 2017

In Episode 9, I interview Robert Manni as my expert on the term "Guy's Guy" and what that means. We discuss the importance of Manning up to Breaking up. How men should deal with the uncomfortable situation of breaking things off. 

Robert is the host of Guy’s Guy RadioTM, featured on Blog Talk Radio and available on iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn. e weekly podcast features interviews with relationship coaches, entertainers, authors, wellness experts, spiritual teachers, sports personalities, and a weekly Guys’ Guy’s GuideTM exploring current guy-focused topics. 

His novel, THE GUYS’ GUY’S GUIDE TO LOVE, praised as the “men’s successor to Sex and the City,” has been developed into two feature-length adapted screenplays and a scripted television series (pilot and treatment), and a series of non-scripted Guy’s Guy show concepts.